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Immigration Reform Isn’t Reform

May 8, 2013

I voiced my concerns about the imminent immigration bill here in an earlier post, and the immigration proposal lived down to my expectations.  The 800+ page proposal grants amnesty even for previously deported felons.  All applicants receive a work permit (green card), and with that card they can get a driver’s license.  They are not issued a secure or tamper proof government ID.  The bill does not stop chain migration so anyone with a new green card can now invite their family across the border.  Everyone with a green card is eligible for all social services.

1/3 of Mexican adults want to move to the US.  Don’t worry.  With their families, that is only 30 million people who are now eligible for welfare, student aid and can vote once they cross the border.  What could go wrong!

Like I said, the politicians want a broken immigration system, and from what I’ve read the new immigration bill will leave the broken system in place.  For example, it will destroy the current e-verify system so we can’t tell the legal from the illegal workers.. and it leaves the border open for more illegal migrants (read here and here).  So, we get more immigrants and social welfare payments while 33 percent of US adults are not working.  The new immigrants and their families would receive over nine trillion dollars in government benefits.

I’m sure that works for the politicians, but it doesn’t work for me.  As I said before, I’d like them to fix the immigration problem but the politicians are not interested in solutions.  They want political cover so they can say they tried during the next election.borderfence


Rob on the border

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