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Common Theme at the NRA Convention

May 4, 2013

sp houston

Let’s get down to earth.  I heard segments of Sarah Palin’s and Rick Perry’s speeches at the NRA convention.  Of course details varied between them.  The common theme was the value of freedom.  Yes, good governance is valuable, but these speeches were in your face and personal.  Freedom matters here and now.  States that honor individual freedom are growing with new jobs and new citizens.   People start their own businesses.   People find jobs and buy houses.  Families build schools, and the cycle continues.  Other states fail and people leave.

What does this have to do with the National Rifle Association?  The rights of self-defense are a byproduct, an off-shoot, fed from the culture of freedom.  The freedom for a single mom to defend herself is based on responsible and self-reliant citizens.  It was good to hear them defended.

It was great to be in Texan and feel welcome.



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