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Insane Gunmen Chose Gun-Free Zones

May 1, 2013

It is hard for me to understand calculated murder.  I think that is true for most of us, but the people who commit glory-murders are different.  They are obsessed with murder.  These insane glory-murderers do not fear death, but they desperately fear their crazy plans will fail.  Yes, they are mentally ill, but they are not stupid.  The Connecticut school murderer worked on his plan for years.  The police recovered a large computer spreadsheet from the murderer’s home.  This spreadsheet shows the murderer examined many possible mass killings before he selected a local elementary school as his target.


Glory killers are calculating, persistent and crazy.  This one selected the elementary school precisely because it had the fewest defenders and the greatest number of defenseless victims.  The murderer deliberately chose a gun free zone so he could maximize his “score”.  I feel sick to think about his deliberate decisions, but it would be worse to ignore them.  I want to protect the innocent; both the sane and the crazy.  That is always an imperfect compromise.  This time we paid the price in blood for getting it wrong and overprotecting the rights of the mentally ill.

We can do better to both help the mentally ill and protect the innocent from evil.  The Connecticut murderer had recently received a letter from the state saying his mother sought to have him declared a danger to himself and others.  Sending such a legal notice by mail may have sounded like perfect justice, but that notification lead to mass murder.  The Connecticut mental health regulations were not written with evil in mind.. and so children died.

no_guns_allowed_4You’d also have to be as dumb as Joe Biden to now tell me we should leave schools unarmed.   Are there any stupid volunteers claiming gun prohibition will work against glory killers?



Rob, the wounded.

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