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Lessons of Sequestration

April 25, 2013

I learned a lot from Federal budget sequestration.  Remember that government spending was cut by all of 2.5 percent.  It was cut back to the approximate levels of 2010 spending.  That means they have 0.975 of the spending they budgeted.  Managing even that small cut is unimportant to the government beast because the worse job they do the more money they get next year.  The problem is not that the government has too little tax money; the problem is that they have too much money and have lost control of priorities.  Their priority is to serve themselves rather than the citizens.

Cut 2


The obvious example is forcing the FAA to furlough air traffic controllers at our busiest airports.  You heard that right.  Rather than close the least used air traffic control facilities, they delayed the busiest!  Bizarre government actions like this tell the citizens to “give us your money or we’ll ground the airlines.”  The FAA implemented furloughs at busy terminals while the number of flights is remains smaller than it was before the recession.  Note that the FAA was told to slow flights, the US Navy left one of its aircraft carriers parked in port and the US Air Force parked some of its cargo planes in the desert.  The Obama administration did that while it refuses to implement the efficiency measures recommended by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.  This was a report first commissioned by, and then ignored by, our President Obama.

We close the White House tours and eliminate tuition assistance to the military while at the same time sending hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to Egypt.  Excuse me?

Fine.  Government exists for the benefit of government,  and they will punish the citizens unless we comply.  Let’s privatize US air traffic control since the government has betrayed the public trust.  The Canadians did exactly that.  They privatized air traffic control, and now their ATC system is both cheaper and safer than ours.  That fact  is something our best and brightest in Washington overlooked.  Sequestration brought it to mind.

Thanks, guys.  I wonder if we can privatize the Navy and Air Force too.

There are lots of things to cut from the federal budget as we get back to securing life, liberty and property.


Rob the rebellious

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