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New York Law Enforcement Objects to SAFE Act Gun Seizures

April 24, 2013



New York State Police and Sheriffs had “strong condemnation” for the gun-grabbing NY SAFE act and-  here too.  Ooohh.  “Strong condemnation” sounds so serious.  But talk is cheap.  You see, the NY State Police enforced the law anyway as they took firearms away from US citizens.  One citizen was David Lewis who is a 35 year old college librarian who competes with customized target pistols.  He was treated years ago for anxiety, and Lewis received a prescription from his doctor.  In theory the anxiety medication years ago might be classified as a psychotropic drug taken by a mental patient, but it wasn’t.  Now the politicians and law enforcement are pointing fingers and saying the firearms seizure was a mistake but leaks from inside the NY State Police say otherwise.

Are the officers protesting as they uphold the US Constitution, the same Constitution the Officers swore to defend, or are they afraid they will be the first casualties when citizens resist a tyrannical government that knows no bounds?  Words from police unions are cheap, while law enforcement pensions are dear.  I hope the officers put their hands where their mouth is and refuse to enforce un-constitutional laws.. like Oath Keepers have sworn to do.

On the bright side, New York police don’t infringe on citizen’s constitutional rights any more than Chicago cops, but that standard of conduct isn’t very high, now is it.  This is the same government who told us our federalized online medical records would be safe from politically motivated searches.  That promise didn’t last very long.

Don’t you feel SAFER?

It is governments like these who push me towards libertarianism.


Rob the grump

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