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All the Government You Pay For, Taxpayer Edition

April 23, 2013

Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for. -Will Rogers


We are paying 4 trillion dollars a year to federal and state governments.  That is $13,000 every year from every man, woman and child in America.  I think we’re getting far too much government, though our President says we are not paying enough.  Here is my proof.

Once the government has protected life, liberty and property, then it has a few trillion dollars left over to use as it sees fit.  The first thing I notice is the government doesn’t like competition when it comes to charity.  The Louisiana State Health Department says they got a complaint about the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission serving, gasp, venison!  The venison came from a slaughterhouse and was properly processed, packaged and stored, but native deer meat donated by hunters is not an approved food source for commercial sale.  The inspectors deliberately ignore that the food was not for sale, but properly cooked and given to the needy. 

Rescue_Mission_logo-620x458The state health inspectors deliberately destroyed some 8000 dollars worth of donated venison, and here.

 Believe me, you would rather eat wild venison if you’ve ever seen a commercial feed lot where “approved” meat is fattened before slaughter.  That doesn’t matter to the state.  The state health department is stuck on stupid and drunk with power.

Hi.  We’re from the Louisiana state health department, and we’re here to help fuck the poor and defend our jobs. You citizens wouldn’t want to compete with and undermine a corrupt government paid bureaucracy, food stamps and poverty programs, now would you!?’


The government can dictate when and where citizens can practice charity because they own us.  I’m sorry, but you and I are property.  We want to give the poor the clothes off our backs, but freeze right where you are.  Make sure the shirt is properly sterilized, properly labeled and properly packaged according to regulations before you distribute it. You cannot minister to the poor without a permit, a license, a record of occupancy, an insurance bond and an approved parking lot drainage plan.  Donations must meet government approved standards before the state grants permission to give them to the poor.

We’re owned.  We want to give food to the needy, but it must be with food that meets the standards set by a government bureaucracy.  You need a business permit to feed the poor, and that is why the city of Miami, Florida tried to close down the Mother Teresa soup kitchen.  One of the organizations that complained about the mission is a local hospital who thought the homeless were an eyesore to its paying patients.  Well too damn bad for the hospital.  The city should have more sense than following through on the hospital’s complaint.  This is a power hungry bureaucracy out to make citizens its servant and the honest citizens of Miami should tear down city hall brick by brick so this never happens again.  The good citizens of Miami won’t do that because the government owns them.  I read here that the city changed its mind after the charity mission lawyered up.  Now the mission may continue to feed the poor.   Isn’t that fucking nice of the nuns

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the health department raided a organic charity picnic called Farm to Table, here, and video.  You are not allowed to choose your food as long as the state owns you.

The main stream media echoes the official attitude of the government culture.  Here Melissa Harris-Perry from MSNBC says government and schools should own your children, and commentary.      Here Perry doubles down on stupid because there is always inequality somewhere and always more taxpayers money that can be spent to eliminate inequality.  Her perspective in this case is that parents are a persistent sources of inequality.  If you have two parents who stay married and are invested in raising their children, then those children have hit life’s jackpot.  Those particular children will reap huge benefits compared to single parent children.  That the family is so essential to children frustrates the liberal egalitarians (read communists).  To them, families are a constant reminder of the limits of state power. 

The state should promote marriage if it actually wanted to improve the outcome for children.  I know, what a radical idea.  But that idea can’t be adopted because marriage limits state power rather than expands state power.  Unlike state welfare agencies, the family does not make unionized political contributions.  Meanwhile the government has spent 16 trillion dollars on the poor, yet we have more poor than ever as the state destroys businesses and under funds mental health programs.  We’ve now made poverty a family business that is passed on from generation to generation.

This makes me furious.  I did not cherry pick these events for you.  Do a web search on your own and you can find more examples.  The only government approved charity is the government.  Your food belongs to the government.  Your charity belongs to the government.  Your children belong to the government.  

It is not that the government has too little money, but that it has far too much.  The state does not worry about preserving the rule of law.  It has forgotten about promoting our pursuit of life, liberty and property.  Government is about power: their power.  I hear Atlas whispering in my ear, “Who owns you?”


Today I am Rob the ranting libertarian



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