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Thank You, Boston First Responders

April 20, 2013

There was a bomb explosion at the Boston Marathon.   First responders were running toward the blast while dust still hung in the air.  Injured people were now lying on the ground and each heart beat that passes is measured and precious.  Responders tore down barricades to get at the injured.  The responders lay on the ground next to the injured, down in the blood and debris.  They opened airways.  They held wounds closed.  They improvised and applied tourniquets.  They monitored airway, breathing and circulation.FR Rescue

A sea of volunteers flowed into the devastation and kept people alive.  Doctors can perform amazing feats, but the patient has to be alive for the doctors to perform their magic.  The sea of volunteers bought patients that chance.

That was the purpose of the second explosion, to cause the First Responders to wait a second, to make them pause with second thoughts.  It didn’t work.  They didn’t hesitate.  The volunteers flowed in and turned back the tide of blood and death.  Everyday heroes did it even though it might not have been their job.  They were there.  They saw the need.  They filled it.  The first responders handed off the injured when trained EMTs arrived.  That is what first responders do.


Thank you.  Well done.  I am so proud of you.

Please repost if you feel the same way.


Rob, Start where you are, do what you can with what you have and get ‘er done.

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