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The Long Term Consequences of Family Breakdown

April 18, 2013

I understand making mistakes.  We all make them, but do we have to stay stuck on stupid?  In the 1950s a woman did not get more money from the state for each of her  illegitimate children.  We changed that in the 1960s, and today 70 percent of black children grow up without a father in the home.  That is no political accident,  and we live with the consequences today.

 “How can money for poor people possibly hurt your community?!”


After  five teenagers aged 14 to 16 murdered an off duty paramedic in an unprovoked shooting, Oakland Police Chief Jordan Boyer called “on parents, the schools and the community to change the cycle” of violence.  I have news for you, Chief.  There are no “parents”.  There is mom and the case worker.  Together, they are doing a terrible job.  But the Chief knows that, and so do you.  Our failed welfare policy has already destroyed several generations.

“How could my divorce hurt your marriage?!”


There was a time when until death do us part at least meant until the kids left home before parents divorced.  That changed with unilateral divorce in the 1970s.  Now we can divorce whenever one party wants to, and they get half the assets in most states.  That is a huge incentive for divorce and the graph above shows the predictable results.  Again, bad laws have consequences.

“How could my gay marriage hurt your family?!”


We remain stuck on stupid.  In fact, we are doubling down.  As a lesbian activist recently admitted, the gay agenda is not to access traditional marriage, but to destroy marriage.  “The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it (marriage) should exist.”  I have to give her credit.  She admits she is only out for her own advantage.  Married gay couples with children are a fraction of a percent of all married couples.  Skewing the law in favor of that small minority will hurt the vast majority of families and children.. again.

Our government manipulates the family and their track record stinks.  President Lyndon Johnson produced a dependent class of blacks for his political advantage.  Divorce lawyers had their turn taking a bite out of the family.  Now the LGBT community is creating a victim class to distort marriage for their political advantage.  We also have the naive libertarians saying they want the government out of marriage while at the same time ignoring the tremendous intrusion of government into our personal life when marriages fail.

Do societies ever correct their mistakes, or do their mistakes slowly accumulate until the society fails and is conquered by a society with workable rules?  If you really want to damage society, get a self-serving lawyer and a self-serving politician together.. and then stay stuck on stupid.

Rob.. who lives in California????
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