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The Real Universal Background Check

April 12, 2013

I don’t like what I’ve heard about firearms background checks.  I propose a truly universal background check system that encompasses about 98% of all adults.  Best of all, it is not a list for confiscation, and the system won’t crash at the whim of a computer hacker or a politician.

Every person over the age of 16 with a driver’s license or state ID card would be screened against a prohibited firearms blacklist.  They are rescreened each time the state issues the card.  The citizen would be pre-approved to buy firearms and ammunition if not a prohibited person.  This way we limit the rights of a few criminals rather than limit the rights of many honest citizens.

This is not a new idea and we are half way there already.  Now the same card that lets you cash a check, rent a car,  or get on an airplane would let you buy guns and ammo.  Let’s face it, if you’re too crazy to shoot guns then you’re certainly too crazy to drive a car or board a plane.  Since most adults have no firearms disability, there would be a huge list of lawful citizens to dig through for anyone compiling a database of registered gun owners.

This system isn’t perfect.  You can argue that we should not need a government permission slip to use a tool of self defense.  I agree.  We would continue to have cleared people buy guns for prohibited criminals as we do now.  Yes, we can’t stop that because our government will continue to ignore most of these violations as it does now.  I’m sorry, but one law can’t stop corruption.

I want to frustrate gun registry until I see a more principled position.  Does “universal” mean recognized in every state?


I got this idea from Russell Smith who developed it from Kirby Ferris.

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Rob- and I can proove it!

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