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Legislature Won’t Solve Immigration Problems

April 11, 2013


What would happen if we really solved the immigration problem?  Why, we’d build a fence and guard our borders.. just as Mexico does at their southern border.  People would need to show citizenship to work and pay taxes.  Children born to non-citizens would be citizens of their parents’ home country.. just like the law in Mexico.  Illegals couldn’t vote in the US and new legal immigrants couldn’t vote for 5 to ten years.  We’d close our borders and remove the burden of illegal immigration crushing our public institutions.   We’d give preference to immigrants with skills.  We’d demand that illegal immigrants, their children and relatives stay off all public aid for several years.. or return to their country of origin.  Skilled immigrants would have a quick and clear path to citizenship.  That would be great!

It won’t happen.  Illegal immigrants would no longer need a political party advocating for them and promising them free healthcare and public assistance in exchange for votes.  Well that is a non-starter for the Democrat party and large unions.  Employers couldn’t get sub-wage labor to exploit, so where is the payoff to the main-street Republicans?  The politicians could no longer threaten the illegals with deportation and the tax paying citizens with having to pay for the world’s poor.. so the politicians would lose political talking points.

Both political parties need our broken immigration laws in order to retain important voting blocks.  That is why the legislators won’t solve immigration.  Our horrible immigration mess is for the benefit of the politicians.  They are, after all, the ones who built it.

The Democrat party needs new immigrants and the unions need new unskilled workers.  Any proposed immigration reform will guarantee both.Mexico border fence



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