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Police Strongly Support Gun Rights

April 9, 2013

Police strongly support armed civilian self-defense as I expected.  I read this survey where surveyed its 400 thousand members and received over 15 thousand responses on armed defense versus gun control.

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 70 percent of the survey responders are cops on the street.  All 15,000 of them are law enforcement professionals.  The only people surprised by the survey results were the few elite media who campaign for civilian disarmament.  Here are a few of the results.

  • Almost all the officers thought restricting magazine capacity to 10 rounds would not reduce violent crime (95%).
  • A vast majority thought banning semi-automatic weapons would have no effect on violent crime or make crime worse (92%).
  • A large majority thought legally armed citizens would have stopped or reduced the number of casualties in our recent public murders like Newton, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado (86%).
  • A large majority said legislation proposed by the White House would have no effect on officer safety or make officers less safe (85%).
  • A large majority supported armed teachers and school staff. (81%)
  • Most approved a department policy to not enforce more restrictive gun laws (69%).
  • Most would refuse to enforce more restrictive gun laws if they were sheriff or chief of their department (62%).
  • 29 percent thought issuing more concealed carry permits was the best way to prevent large scale public shootings.  17 percent suggested more aggressive treating of the mentally ill, and 16 percent wanted more armed security in schools.  Fewer than 1 percent advocated more restrictions on “assault weapons” and magazines and only 1.5 percent wanted tighter limits on weapons sales.
  • By 43 to 42 percent, a slight majority opposed mandatory safety training before citizens could buy a gun.

My communications with law enforcement officers are consistent with this survey data, and it appears those peace officers are in the majority on this issue.  If you want to dig deeper, they have good graphics of the survey results here so you might want to give it a quick read.  The raw survey data is here as a PDF file.


Rob the confirmed


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