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The Stupid Force is Strong with This One

April 5, 2013

Political scientists working with new media have discovered a new force of nature called the Stupid Force It is the force pulling a politicians foot into their mouth.  The force is created by the politician exposing their vast ignorance to an informed audience.  Layla Sumner discovered it, but I named it.


Exhibit A of the Stupid Force- is Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette saying gun magazines are consumed by shooting the cartridges (Video)




Diana DeGette 628x471


Exhibit B of the Stupid Force- is DeGette telling a worried constituent that when seconds count the Denver police are minutes away, but don’t worry because “You’d probably be dead anyway” (Video)




joanne weaver

Seriously, local government created this problem of criminal attack by violating our rights of self-defense.  Now that they created the problem, our average congress-critter knows nearly nothing about firearms and armed self-defense.  I can accept accidental ignorance, but this is worse.  Congresswomen DeGette sticks to political dogma when citizens try repeatedly to tell her that Colorado gun laws are unworkable.  The congresswoman refuses to listen.  So here we have an elected official ignoring a citizen’s concern and telling them their life doesn’t matter; “The good news for you.. You’d probably be dead anyway.”  That is so smug and condescending.


Well, Denver and Englewood, Colorado, you elected her.  What are you going to do now?  Maybe the stupid force is catching.

F and dG


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  1. April 5, 2013 2:38 pm

    This woman is a lawyer. Pity her clients.


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