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Victims in the Culture War

April 2, 2013

There is a culture war going on in the United States.  It is not the ‘social conservatives’ v ‘liberals’ battle with which we are too familiar. The real culture war is that our government has attempted to take over and regulate every aspect of our lives.  The politicians of both parties have been doing this to us by turns. The people in power have prospered while the ordinary people have suffered.  The “gains” to one set of constituents come at a cost to others.  The net result is less freedom, less independence, less dignity, and less prosperity for everyone.

And how do the politicians get away with it?  By segregating us.  Not by race, but by our political tastes.

Let me give you two examples.

  • The first person lives in the inner city and is 26 years old.
  • She is female and unemployed
  • She is a member of a minority group and never graduated from high school
  • She has no military experience
  • She does not attend church and has no religious affiliation
  • She is on public assistance
  • She is divorced and now an unwed mother

How do you think she votes?  Your guess that she votes Democratic has a 97 percent chance of being right.

Let’s take another example.

  • This person is male
  • He is self employed in the oil business
  • He lives in a rural setting outside a major city
  • He is white and a military veteran
  • He is a US citizen and 38 years old
  • Graduated from college and has no criminal record
  • He is married with children and has never been divorced
  • He attends church on a regular basis with his family
  • His children were homeschooled

So how does this guy vote?  You’ve a better than 97 percent chance of being right if you said Republican.

You knew the answer because America is no longer a melting pot.  Politicians turned our society into a political machine for their benefit. Government has gone well beyond insuring “life, liberty and property”.  Politics now aims to secure segregated voting blocs.  There is no need to consider the common good when satisfying the special interests of voters delivers more political rewards.

So, the common good languishes.  The poor face worse prospects rather than a brighter future.  The rich face higher taxes and regulations.  In contrast, the politically connected make more money than ever before.  Here is fresh evidence.

  • We are poorer and more of us are unemployed while the burden of business regulation has exploded.
  • Colleges favor women even though fewer males than females now graduate.
  • We have open borders and massive illegal immigration while the fraction of us who are working is at a record low level.
  • Our public schools are wildly politicized.
  • We’ve increased the overall level of government-paid benefits during a period of exploding government debt.
  • We raised the minimum wage even though 50 percent of minority males in our inner cities are unemployed.
  • We incarcerate more people than ever, release many repeat offenders early and have made war on armed self-defense.
  • Government grants are given to companies and public service agencies bassed on the political contributions they promise.

You’d call it a war on society if a foreign occupying power did this to us,  and  you’d be right.  There is a war in the United States being waged through culture.  Culture is now being used as a divisive wedge in a political campaign of cultural cleansing.  This cultural institutionalism segregates the voting demographics favored by the politician and drives out minority voters.  Let me show you how it works as we contrast these two cultures.

Suppose you are a liberal and you start seeing things like this in the news.

The state and county announce reductions in welfare and unemployment payments.

There are no more free school meals or after-school programs.

Taxes and fees are cut across the board, with more cuts promised for next year.

Business regulation is reformed and reduced.  You have less say over a business starting up next door.

Citizens are routinely jailed and fined, and their photographs published online when they are caught operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or high.

Laws limit private abortion to cases that threaten the life of the mother.

Adults with a concealed carry permit are allowed to carry in schools.

Charter schools and home schooling is promoted as a parental right and a relief on the public treasury.

A local pastor refused to grant marriage licenses until the couple attends and passes a course on marriage and money management.

Churches are not taxed and religious activities are widespread.  Religious leaders speak about every public topic in church.

The liberal citizens living here are disgusted and want to move to Berkeley, California.  As the liberal citizens move away, the local politicians benefit from making the place even less congenial to any other liberals who might want to move in.


Consider the other point of view.  Suppose you are a conservative and you start to read these things in the news.

Your state, county and city announce record levels of debt and operating deficits.

The kid next door is not the smartest, but he announced he is dropping out of school and going on state disability.

Your property, income, utilities and wealth are heavily and progressively taxed.. and your taxes are going up.

Public intoxication and liability is not prosecuted.  In fact, the local court system has stopped hearing civil cases.

Gun ownership is criticized by government officials including the chief of police.  Firearms are regulated and taxed.

With the cities tacit permission, gangs have taken over abandoned properties.  The level of gang crime is rising.

Children are not reprimanded for coming to school intoxicated.

State and city labor ordinances penalize employers who demote or fire intoxicated employees.

Illegal immigrants are not prosecuted when encountered by law enforcement.  They are eligible for state and local benefits.

Sex education is mandatory in schools.

Children are treated as fully responsible moral agents able to make their own decisions.  That is why adults who have sex with or give drugs to children are not prosecuted.  Taxpayer funded abortion and birth control are available to anyone of any age at any time.. without parental notification.

Public schools provide three meals a day and after school care.

There is no preference or promotion of marriage in public law.  Any legal preference for marriage is legally suspect as discriminatory and a demonstration of prejudice.

Churches are licensed and heavily taxed.  Religious practice requires a permit.  Speech from the pulpit is regulated and monitored.

Wealth is an embarrassment.

Any remaining political conservatives wants to move to North-West Idaho.  The culture will become less and less conservative, since no one remains to place limits on the liberalizing forces at work in this little liberal sub-culture.

I could list many more examples because that is the power and breadth of culture.  Now you see the dominating power elected officials have by using the power of the state for their benefit rather than the common good.  Politicians use culture as a tool of segregation.  The politician chooses his cultural issues and tries to rapidly secure his voters.   Note that incumbents are seldom unseated.  It is not a Republican versus Democrat issue.  Rather, politician of both parties are busy funding the many cultural tastes that benefit their donors and their particular constituents.  No one is attending to the common good, those few things which benefit everyone.

Notice how large government has grown and how much of our culture is already under the government’s thumb. Politicians of either party benefit from expanding the government’s reach.  This is the politician’s war against liberty.

Culture should lead politics.  Now I’m talking like a cynical libertarian, or a 1960s hippie, thinking that less government is more freedom.

Where can I move?



Please give me some feedback if you read this far.  A hat tip to Oleg Volk for the idea of political cleansing through cultural preferences.

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