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Now We Know it is Evil White Men

March 31, 2013

Nicki at the Liberty Zone nails the nutcase social critics who trade opinion for research.  Nicki says,

You know all those shootings? Yeah, it’s not guns, and it’s not mental health. It’s da white man!  The White Man is responsible for mass slaughters, according to the dimwitted duo of Charlotte and Harriet Childress, who according to the Washington Post, are ”researchers and consultants on social and political issues.”  <snip>

“Nearly all of the mass shootings in this country in recent years — not just Newtown, Aurora, Fort Hood, Tucson and Columbine — have been committed by white men and boys. Yet when the National Rifle Association (NRA), led by white men, held a news conference after the Newtown massacre to advise Americans on how to reduce gun violence, its leaders’ opinions were widely discussed.”

Childress and Childress

Childress and Childress

Nicki then lists a few of the the many many exceptions and also refutes the “statistics”.  Give her  a read here =>  Liberty Zone- Now We Know.

Did I mention there were many exceptions?  The exceptions dominate the rule!  Yeah, the Washington Post indulged in “Post factual partisanship”.. again.  For those of us who are not journalism school graduates, that means they made shit up and printed it anyway.



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