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Black Pastor Advocates Right To Bear Arms

March 27, 2013

My friend says the hardest part of being a Presbyterian minister is telling the congregation what they already know.  They know scripture, but time and again they are hoping for an exception in their case.  My friend, the minister, explains the truth with compassion and conviction.  That can’t be easy.

My friend Pastor Kenn Blanchard is a pastor at a Baptist church.  He too speaks his mind about the problems facing the inner-city black community.  It must be hard to speak the truth when the congregation wants to hear that their case is special.  Thank goodness we have men and women who show the strength of their convictions with love and patience.

Kenn does not fit the stereotype of an inner city pastor.  He rides a Harley Motorcycle.  He served in the Marines.  He trained people at the CIA to use firearms, and advocates armed self-defense in the inner city to keep those neighborhoods safe.  Today he is a Pastor who preaches the gospel and says we need hope.KB at nbbc


I’m learning there is more to most religious leaders than first meets the eye.  Kenn ministers to the problems of his congregation, speaks on the second amendment, makes videos, voice-overs and commercials, and gives firearms and personal defense instruction.  That gives a whole new meaning to “Men in Black” doesn’t it.  Give him a call if he can help you.  I’ve called him more than once.


WUSA9 Kenn

Link to WUSA9 Interview Video

A local TV station called him after the recent political discussion of gun control and violence in the inner city.  Kenn has been preaching self-defense for 20 years.  You can see Kenn’s TV interview here=> Reverend Kenneth Blanchard Is Pastor At Historic Berean Church and Advocate Of Right To Bear Arms

Kenn has been busy.  Here you can download an MP3 of his  audio interview with the Washington D.C. NPR station.

Kenn has also seen some hard times.  I want him in my corner if times are tough.  Please keep him in your prayers because everyone needs a Pastor.

I bet you already knew that.Kenn on the range


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