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The Very Limited Right to Self-Defense

March 25, 2013

The state will take what it wants, and it often does.  Sometimes we have legal recourse after years of costly litigation.  Often we can not afford to fight for our rights.  Our elected officials are so partisian that they infringe on our legal rights in order to win votes.  The rights of the minority are largely a legal fiction.  The right of self-defense is an obvious example.

The Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions held that the Second Amendment is a fundamental and inalienable right that legally limits the actions of the states as well as the federal government.  The court also held that the right to keep and bear arms is not absolute.  Governments may limit the type of firearm, impose registration requirements, and limit the time and place of carry.  I lived in Chicago so let me share with you what I learned from city hall.

City Hall

City Hall

  • State registration fees are legal and could be due each month.  In Chicago they will be due in person from 1:00 AM to 1:05 AM on the first day of each month.  Payment must be by certified cashiers check issued that same day by a US bank.  Obviously, guns may be confiscated when the first day of the month is a Sunday.  (They’ll work out those pesky details later.)
  • Gun owners may only carry on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Guns owned by civilians must be colored pink on days of the month divisible by three, and they must be green on other days.
  • Guns may have no more than 5 rounds in a fixed magazine on even days and must have 3 rounds in a removable magazine on odd numbered days.
  • It may take months or years to secure state permission to exercise this “inalienable right” as citizens and sellers seek state permits and permit renewals.
  • Courts may rule that citizens can not carry guns outside the home because the police want to be able to shoot people who have guns outside the home.

Those are only the regulations restricting fireams.  Don’t get me started on the crazy things they are trying to do with ammunition.  Please read this ruling from the 4th circuit court before you think I’m joking.  The court ruling is here, and some biting commentary is here.

Baltimore city_hall_1600x1200

Tell me again we have a Second Amendment.  I’d like to believe you.


Today I’m Rob the skeptic.

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