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Love of Life Long Learning Begins at Home

March 20, 2013

I love the teachers and students who home school.  I love them because children need more than what is offered in public school these days, and no one knows your child as well as an attentive parent.  Yes, conventional school may earn you a living, but life long learning will earn you a fortune.  I don’t see that being taught in public school at any level.  I am not denigrating college or an advanced degree: I am pointing out their limitations.  Formal education must fan the student’s passion.  Education is a failure if you stop learning when you leave.  Every successful person I know who has an advanced degree continues to learn.. every day.  Yes, every day, with no days off.  I think home schooling can inspire that way!  Let me inspire you with a few examples.

Abraham Lincoln came from a poor family who didn’t live near a school.  He had about one year of formal education from traveling school teachers.  He was an eager reader and sought out the books available in his small village at the time.  He read and reread Aesop’s Fables, the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress and Robinson Crusoe.  He taught himself to be a surveyor and was a natural orator.  He became a lawyer, state legislator, a Congressman and President of the United States.

 Andrew Jackson had limited formal education, though he later taught school and studied law.  Even without a formal college degree,  Jackson was elected as a Congressman, Senator and US President.

Ansel Adams had a mixed education between formal and home schooling up to the eighth grade.  He taught himself piano at age 12 and intended to be a pianist.  Adams is known for his nature photography.

Benjamin Franklin received less than two years of formal education and stopped going to school at age 10.  He was a voracious reader and invented the subscription library because books were so expensive.  At 21, Franklin created the Junto, a discussion society of young artisans and tradesmen.  Franklin was an author, publisher, inventor, oceanographer, physicist and statesman.


I’m amusing myself by learning a little about these remarkable men, every day.  More later, but I also saw this from Parents for Liberty at  They are an interesting home school network that sells and trades home based education.

So much inspiration.  So little time.home school



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