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These Sheriffs are Different!

March 17, 2013

We’ve heard enough politicians dodge an issue that we can now mock their weasel words.  I was surprised when a group of elected officials spoke clearly and directly; they said proposed gun control laws were wrong and they would not enforce them.  I am pleasantly surprised by these men and women; these Sheriffs!Sheriffs-on-Stairs

 I was reading the long list of newly proposed gun laws  (and here) that are about to land on Californians.  The list it isn’t pretty.  In some cases the proposed laws are probably impossible to obey if you own any firearm.

Since Democrat politicians are promoting these laws, I assumed that there were not many opponents.  I was wrong.  There are opponents and they wear a uniform.  They are our county sheriffs.  Why would county sheriffs have a different point of view than politicians and big city police chiefs?

You might not have a police chief, but everyone has a sheriff.  Sheriffs are the original law enforcement officers and are elected by the people.  They are the chief law enforcement officer in their county.   In contrast, big city police chiefs are appointed by the mayor or city council.  The chiefs reflect the political view of their bosses.  You can read the media response of law enforcement and usually tell the chiefs from the political words they use.  Not these sheriffs.

 These sheriffs did not say ‘the sensitive issue of gun control needs more study and we are waiting for a defining legal opinion.’  These sheriffs said something clear and understandable.  They are defiant.  They said they would not enforce new state and federal gun control laws because the laws were unconstitutional and denied citizens their rights. 

These sheriffs said they could not enforce these laws while maintaining their oath of office.  They swore to uphold the law and protect the citizens; protect them from criminals AND corrupt local politicians.  There are 58 sheriffs in California.  These 19 hold to their oath of office and have taken a stand for the civil right of self-defense.

Sheriff's opposition

Though unfortunately not a majority in California, these California sheriffs are not alone.  These Colorado Sheriffs refuse to apply new Colorado gun prohibitions if they are signed into law.  These Colorado officers and deputies call the new gun prohibitions ineffective and political theater.  (Original article is behind a pay wall.  The link is to a free reprint.)  Their comments match the opinion of the street officers I’ve talked to.

If you live in California and want to protect your civil rights, it would be a good idea to give these sheriffs a thank you e-mail.  The picture will link you to their page.  The California sheriffs are listed down the page by state.


Rob the grateful

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