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Nicki gives us ‘The Gun Grabbers’ War on Women’

March 17, 2013

Nicki is an Army Veteran with a wonderfully low threshold for political evasion.  Give her a read.

“The real “war on women” is being waged every day in Washington and in individual states, where legislators are using the tragic murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook, to disarm women – to make them easy targets for murderers and rapists – and for some reason, this particular war on women is being ignored by the media and by the hoplophobes who were so ardent about documenting every stupid statement any GOP candidate made about rape.


“Women in the United States can and do protect themselves from rapists using firearms. Women in Britain don’t have that right. At least some women in the United States have saved themselves the trauma and physical pain of having been sexually assaulted. No women in Britain have.

“And the gun-grabbing cowards in Washington and in your state legislatures want to turn you into British victims, instead of allowing you the opportunity and protecting your right to be an American hero.

“So who is waging the real war on women here? And will Democrats (who are mostly responsible for these onerous attempts to make women into victims) claim their own?”NF w M16

There is more at her post Gun Grabbers’ War on Women. Thank you, Nicki.

Now you know why she is on my blogroll.  I had an article on rape in the works, but Nicki did it first.



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