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California Senator Steinfein Proposes Targeted Transport Fee

March 15, 2013

SteinfeinToday, California Senator Dianne Steinfein sponsored an amendment to a must-pass military budget appropriation.  The Senator proposed a modest supplemental registration fee to those attending CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Speaking in support of her amendment, “With sequestration, we’ve had to cut essential government services impacting millions.  We’ve limited White House tours to sixth graders, and released undocumented aliens suspected of crimes in Republican Districts, so now we’re exploring new revenue sources to balance the budget.”

When asked if the fee attacked the first amendment rights of her political opponents, the Senator said, “We need to attack vile racism wherever we find it, and based on media reports, we expect to find extremists at CPAC.  We’ll use these supplemental funds for focused IRS tax audits and unannounced BATFE gun background checks on the conference attendees, so as you can see this isn’t really a tax.  This is a security service fee, and it clearly supports the safety of our children.  I further support my colleague’s moderate proposal to put the conference attendees on the federal “no-fly” list.”

The bill passed out of the Senate committee on a party line vote.  When asked, Senate GOP leaders had no comment.McConnell


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