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Police Response in Different Cities, from Project Veritas

March 7, 2013

Project Veritas asked police what citizens should do if they are threatened by criminals.  Veritas captured the answers on video.  The police in several cities said “Call us and hide.  We’ll be there in a few minutes.”  Or, “Lock yourself in the bathroom and scream.”on own PV


Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke said something different as he watched the Veritas video.  He said “Defend yourself until we get there, but realistically it will take an hour to respond.”

Clarke PV

Sheriff David Clarke


I guess an hour response time is better than forever.  Yes, an infinite response time, as in don’t call us and we won’t call you.  Chicago police no long respond to burglaries, robberies or car theft.  Don’t call them once the criminal has left.   I prefer their honesty to the dishonesty of politicians who say the police can stop crime and prevent rape.  Even an hour is cold comfort for a rape victim.

chicagoThe Chicago police are acting as if they have been sequestered for a while.  That has to hurt if you’re an honest policeman.

Thank you Project Veritas.  Here are other Vertas links-  gun free and voter fraud.



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