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A Better New York Firearms Boycott

March 5, 2013

The New York Firearms Boycott, and the distinction between rights and needs

boycottIt is important that a growing number of firms are refusing to sell to New York law enforcement agencies.  These are the very same government agencies that would enforce these unjust gun laws on responsible New York gun owners.  This boycott started after New York severely restricted the guns that civilians are legally allowed to own.  They also increased fees on gun owners.  New York said its citizens don’t need firearms.  The boycott points out the difference between needs and rights, as does this post by Grant Cunningham.

Well, if citizens don’t need firearms, then how could law enforcement need them either since citizens have the same needs as the police.  More important is that the right to the tools of defense are not a matter of need at all.  We either own our lives, or we don’t and we are slaves.  We have a right to defend our life, or we don’t, and we are serfs.  We are morally responsible for those under our care, or we should be helpless to protect them, and we are second class citizens.

OV safe hands

by Oleg Volk, and used with permission

If it is only a balance between individual needs versus the risks to society, then the police should be disarmed immediately since they have no need that exceeds the need of a civilian.  In fact, if we want to reduce the number of deaths from assault weapons, then the police should be the very first group to disarm.  Law enforcement officers carry assault weapons in public far more than civilians, and as a proportion, law enforcement officers use assault weapons far more frequently and more lethally than civilians.

Yes, that argument to disarm those we ask to protect us is a shallow argument from utility, an argument from need, and I agree it is misplaced.

If self-defense is a human right, then it is important that a growing list of firms refuse to sell to the very law enforcement agencies that would enforce unjust laws restricting that right.  I think it is about rights, not needs, and the distinction is important.

The boycott is growing.  I’ve used the Facebook page of large gun manufacturers and distributors to ask them why they will sell guns to law enforcement when those same products would be illegal if I bought them.  Please do the same.

As a side note, a New York court demanded that the state justify the constitutionality of its new gun laws.  Given New York politics, I’m sure the politicians and the power brokers behind them can find a hack judge to rule their way.  All the while, the New York arms-boycott keeps growing.  I only knew of 10 companies when I posted a few weeks ago.  Now the list is up to 117 companies and growing.



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