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Meadia Speak 3.0 in the Gun Control Debate

March 4, 2013
laser beams

Nicki and her Laser Beam Glasses

I asked fellow bloggers their view of the media and the right of self-defense.  I wrote about blatant bias in the main stream media here, and Doug wrote about it here.  Now Nicki at The Liberty Zone has something to say as well.





What do I think of the Media?  Are you kidding me, Rob?  Those dim bulbs in front of the bright lights!.



You must be rendered defenseless… Fo-da-childs!
Guns are bad, because…. SHUT UP, RACIST!
Another gun law won’t stop shootings, but we need more laws to stop shootings.
Criminals don’t undergo background checks, but background checks will prevent crimes.
“…There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. And we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.” — actual leftard quote.
Anyone who opposes banning assault rifles must hate small children, puppies and Gabby Giffords.
Allowing guns on a plane to prevent a hijacker from flying a plane into a building is too dangerous because someone might shoot a hole in the plane.
People want guns out of fear, and we need to prevent them from buying guns out of fear because guns make us afraid.
The right to keep and bear arms, which is specifically protected by the Bill of Rights is anachronistic and irrelevant. But our right to feel safe, which is mentioned nowhere and protected by no law, trumps your right to have a gun.
Background checks will stop criminals from getting guns, because… SHUT UP, RACIST!

Something like that, anyway. Like I said… Short on snark lately.


Now you might see why I like reading Nicki even when she thinks she is short on snark. I admire her truth in advertizing.

“A blog about guns, politics, freedom, entertainment, and generally anything and everything else, written by a well-armed veteran with an extensive vocabulary, the ability to make up inventive invective, a bad attitude and a high IQ.”

She has a lower opinion of the media than I do, and I didn’t think that was possible.  Give her a read at The Liberty Zone  and please leave her some  comments.  A note to the wise when you comment on her blog; do not get into a snark/sarcasm war with Nicki.  You are overmatched, but you will probably enjoy it anyway.



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  1. March 4, 2013 8:35 am

    You’re way too kind to me, Rob!

    The reason I have a lower opinion of the media than you do is because I actually worked as a journalist once upon a time!

    Scary thought, I know!


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