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Money Screams in Politics

March 3, 2013

There has always been money in politics.  That is because government has always been for sale and worth buying.  Once you own a politician, you can raid the treasury, or you can make sure government will leave you alone.  The intrusive power of government has increased each year, and so the flow of money has increased.  The stream has become a flood in recent years.  There are rich political activists who can drop millions into a campaign like it is pocket change, be they local or across the country.

  • A California billionaire funds gay marriage candidates across the state.
  • A New York billionaire funds anit-gun candidates and lobbying groups across the country.
  • A Colorado multi-millionaire funds gay-rights candidates and think tanks.

Money doesn’t talk in politics.  It screams.  The people who hear it talk the loudest are low information voters who only know what they hear in political advertising.  Some billionaires fund grass roots activities.  Whatever buys the most votes for the millions of dollars invested.

Here in California, we had a proposed constitutional amendment that would have stopped the flow of political donations from outside a political district.  Sure the billionaires could still fund a campaign, if they lived in the district.  The amendment was crushed by the California State Unions after they outspent the tax payers organizations by 12 million dollars.

If government power was a living organism, this flood of money from wealthy interest groups would be called a malignant tumor.   Now money screams as the size and power of government grows and grows.  Citizens can fight back, but it takes cash and involvement.  You must be on the playing field in order to win.

If not, citizens, call your doctors, politicians, accountants, ministers, travel agents.


Rob feeling pessimistic

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