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What are you Doing with the Rest of your Brain?

March 2, 2013

I can’t juggle.  I struggle to unscramble a Rubik’s cube.

This young man can do both.. at the same time.  Watch the video.



That makes me feel stupid.. until I realize I’m typing while I’m talking to my wife.

Maybe you’re talked with your crew while you’re hanging off the side of a sailboat and planning tactics.nacra double trap


Or you’re flying a sailplane, centering a thermal, flying formation with the other planes while calculating your next course.gaggle22


Sounds like a normal day for my wife when she would cook, help the kids with homework, and talk to me on the phone.

Yawn.  What to do to keep from being bored.    Maybe Ravi can juggle and solve three cubes at once.  Maybe we can use all our mind to solve a problem when we won’t let ourselves be distracted.

I love to be amazed and people are amazing.


Rob- who remembered this video while messing in the garden.

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