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Please Sequester Me More

March 1, 2013

This graph shows how much federal spending has grown with time.  It also shows the size of the sequester cut.

Cut 2

The sequestration is because Republican Representatives said it is time to spend less.  Not a lot less, mind you, but some less.  Hell, spend anything less.  It is not a balanced budget by any means.  Federal spending went up by 5.65 percent since 2011, and only in Washington and Sacramento is a 1.6 percent spending reduction called a catastrophic cut.  (44 billion in actual reductions out of 3803 billion in projected 2013 spending)  Were you able to see the cut on the graph?  I made the image as large as I can.

Our President said the cuts were draconian and dumb.  The federal government would have to cut air-traffic control,  border security, preventive health screenings, meat inspectors, teachers and stop prosecution of criminal cases.  I did not put those words into his mouth.  You can find them yourself.  The President should know if sequestration is dumb or not.   It was his executive branch that proposed the original sequestration.

It is more than words.  The US Border Patrol under Security of Homeland Security Janet Nepalitano released 2000 illegal immigrants facing deportation because she says she does not have the money to keep them confined.  269 of them were the county where I live.  Note that she released them INTO the US, not back over the border.

Representative Maxine Waters said we’d loose 170 million jobs if we cut 1.6 percent of the federal budget.  Note that the US economy has only 132 million of us at work according to the bureau of labor statistics.  Putting up a picture of Representative Waters looking dumb is too easy and I’ll restrain myself this time.  I will ask, Exaggerate we much, Maxine?

Let us put the spending reduction into perspective.  44 billion is less than the relief we sent to New Jersey after hurricane Sandy.  We continue to give money to foreign countries and promised 60 million  250 million dollars in aid to Syrian rebels, so the Feds aren’t scraping for pennies just yet.



Thank god they didn’t propose doubling the size of government spending, and then only increased it by a mere 50 percent.    Why, they would have to shut the whole government with a draconian cut in the expected absurdly large increase in obscene government spending. (sarc)  I bet they they couldn’t do anything with a mere 6 trillion dollars to spend each year.

Back to serious mode, I feel like I’m being held hostage my government.  They spend more and more while fewer and fewer of us can work and our taxes keep going up.  They couldn’t cut the Obama phone.  They couldn’t cut the memorial committees that funds retired politicians.  They can’t cut the kickbacks to their corporate donors.  They must continue borrowing money from China to send money and arms to Egypt.. money our children have to pay.  I am tired of being held hostage.

I’ll go with it.  Shut it down.  I dare you.  Shut down the post office and we’ll contract it out to DHL.  Let’s privatize air traffic control.  Most of the world uses private air traffic control services anyway.  We can learn from them.  Most of the world does not give arms to foreign countries.  Civilian after tax income has plunged 4 percent.  It is time our government did with less also.

.RAM addiction

Shut it down.   Suddenly, that doesn’t sound so bad.  More and more of us are willing to start over.  Given the state of our fellow citizens, we might have to.


Rob, in a libertarian moment.


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  1. ktcat1 permalink
    March 3, 2013 8:05 am

    Love it. Great post!


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