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The Most Transparently Corrupt Administration Ever

February 26, 2013

I saw this artwork on Facebook and thought it was kind of snarky.  Now I’m convinced it is accurate.

Size of Government


A few things changed my mind.   The first was when I saw where a California sheriff was caught selling concealed-carry-of-weapons permits in exchange for political donations.  California lets a sheriff decide if a citizen really needs a firearm.  Would a California sheriff really break that trust and reward his friends?

Baca Political Gifts Purchase Rare Gun Permits in Los Angeles County


Yeah, I guess he would.  This shows what a “may issue” policy really means.  It means the sheriff needs a reason to issue you a permit, and nothing provides a reason like personal cash donations.  In theory, the “may issue” policy let the sheriff eliminate the mentally ill and people with criminal records from getting a firearm.  In actual practice, any sheriff could always exercise that judgment, even in “shall issue” jurisdictions.  In practice, “may issue” excluded the poor and non-celebrity citizen from the right to protect themselves.  That isn’t justice.

The poor have to call the police and wait 20 minutes while the rich can defend themselves in seconds.  This political policy was established by big city Democrats in California’s capital.  Welcome to the unjust world of California gun bigotry.

That is simply big city corruption on the west coast, so it isn’t news worthy.   I find it newsworthy when national politicians are for sale.  How about a half million dollars to slip President Obama your wish list!


Of course these donations are not solicited directly from the White House.  The donations are washed through the the organization that runs the President’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The fundamental issue is that politicians will use the power we give them for their own benefit.  As far as I have been able to discover, the only way to limit political corruption is to limit politicians’ power by making government smaller.  The Protestant reformation was, in part, a reaction to corruption in the Catholic church like the selling of indulgences.  I wonder what the President is selling now.

I’m starting to sound like a skeptical libertarian.



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