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A Better New York Firearms Boycott List

February 22, 2013

I wrote about responsible firearms companies choosing to sell product that civilians may legally own and refusing to sell “law enforcement only” configurations.  I wrote about it  here and here.  Said another way, if a weapon is too dangerous for civilians, then it is too dangerous for law enforcement and government agents also.  This applies to rifles, handguns, pepper spray and ammunition.

Sean Sorrentino and his “An NC Gunblog”  has kept up a better list than I have of the companies who support the New York firearms boycott.  He also lists those companies who will sell to law enforcement.  Here is his list today, but you should check back to his blog post as he updates it.  Thank you, Sean.

Companies Participating in the New York Boycott

LaRue Tactical  2-8-13
Olympic Arms 2-12-13
Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC (Per EFI, policy is several years old)
Templar Custom 2-13-13
York Arms 2-13-13
Cheaper Than Dirt 2-15-13
Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13
West Fork Armory 2-16-13
Smith Enterprise 2-17-13
Alex Arms 2-17-13
Spike’s Tactical 2-18-13
Quality Arms Idaho 2-19-13
Liberty Suppressors 2-19-13
Doublestar Corp 2-19-13
American Spirit Arms 2-19-13 (complete with a video!)
Trident Armory 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
Head Down Products 2-20-13
J&G Sales 2-20-13
Barrett Firearms 2-20-13
Exile Machine 2-20-13
Tier One Arms 2-15-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
Bravo Company USA 2-20-13
Primary Weapons Systems 2-21-13 (read my blog post on PWS)
Crusader Weaponry 2-20-13
Top Gun Supply 2-21-13
Kiss Tactical 2-21-13
Clark Fork Tactical 2-21-13
OFA Tactical 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-21-13)
One Source Tactical 2-21-13 (Scroll down to shipping restrictions)
Templar Tactical Arms 2-12-13 (reported 2-21-13)
NEMO Arms 2-21-13 (check out their photo!)

Here is the short list of the companies that will sell to the government.  Such sad little men grubbing for a dollar.  I won’t buy from them.

Thank you Sean.NC



Comments appreciated.

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