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A Little Gray Haired Tea Party Lady Changed My Mind

February 20, 2013

I thought the Tea Party was a place for old people to complain.  Now, I have doubts and a little more hope.  I joined a friend as he talked about California’s gun laws to a local Tea Party group.

My friend said,

“There was a time to write and call your legislators.  There was a time to get out the vote.  That time is past.  Now we need lawyers and money because the calls and votes failed.  Now is the time to join the NRA and similar groups.”

I handed out NRA membership applications.  One little gray haired lady in her early seventies called me over.  “Look at this!” she says, and she shows me a crisp NRA membership card.  It wasn’t a life-membership, but bless her all the same.  I gave her a kiss on the cheak.  The other people at her table took membership applications and joined on the spot.

We have hope since little old ladies already know guns save lives.  I should have asked her what she shoots.


I should speak at other tea party chapters and try to increase membership.



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