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Media Speak 2.0 in the Gun Control Debate

February 18, 2013

I asked a friend of mine for his take on gun bigots and gun control.  This is what he sent me.  Thank you, Doug.  He doesn’t always let-it-rip, but when he does, he is in fine form.  Take it away, Doug.

—  —  —

Here is the rationale from the gun bigots in a nutshell:

Assault weapons are any gun that looks scary. Scary is bad.
Only Important Men are allowed to handle weapons, and you haven’t reached our standards yet.
If you needed a gun you would have been born with one.
We know better than you. Obama said so.
People that have guns probably have bibles too, and we don’t want our kids to see them, now do we!
Besides winning our independence, beating back an English invasion, taming the frontier, freeing the slaves, toppling aristocrats, defeating Nazi’s, freeing China from Japanese tyranny, pushing back the communists, exterminating terrorists, fending off criminals, and feeding millions, what good can come out of guns?
Gun owners dress funny, if they were allowed in our neighborhoods we’d probably figure out that they smell funny too
Soldiers carry guns, and we’re getting rid of them. Get the picture?
You don’t need a gun to kill a tofu, and why would you want to eat anything else?
Gun control has worked marvelously for Washington DC, NYC and Chicago, so it will now bring that kind of joy and happiness to the whole country.
We are in charge. Shut up.

There.  That is clear enough.
Doug Evans
Rob. And yes, I think you’ve been clear, Doug.  You can read more of  him here at  Asleep No More.  Doug calls ’em like he sees ’em, and I like that.
Asleep No More

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