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Cam Edward Explains “Why I Became a Gun-Rights Advocate”

February 17, 2013

I have sympathy with this story.  Many gun-rights supporters have a similar experience though the details differ.  It is our experience with gun-control bigots that leaves us skeptical.   Here is some of  the story from Cam Edwards.

ED gun” I actually have five children, from a 26-year old daughter to 7-year old twins.  Just like every gun-owning parent I know, I love them more than I love my firearms.  And I know first hand that gun control laws like a ban on commonly owned firearms, tough restrictions for legal gun purchases, and even mandatory background checks on all gun sales won’t do a thing to protect my kids.  I know this because my oldest two children spent years living in the crime-ridden hellhole of Camden, New Jersey.

“If gun control worked, it would be the criminal waiting months to find a gun on the black market, while the law abiding zipped through the speedy process of legally acquiring a firearm.  Instead, in gun control enclaves from Los Angeles to Chicago, D.C. to Camden, it’s the good people who are forced to wait, who are arbitrarily denied the exercise of their fundamental right to keep and bear arms, while the criminals easily get a hold of guns.  And make no mistake; even in the worst neighborhoods, the good people far outnumber the criminals. The thinking among gun control advocates is that by making it difficult to purchase guns legally, it will eventually become harder for criminals to obtain guns.  They’ve been waiting for decades in Camden for a day that will never come.  We’re told that the reason New Jersey’s gun control laws don’t work is because we need these same restrictions in place all around the country, but even on the small island of Puerto Rico, home to incredibly restrictive gun control laws, the homicide rate is more than 5 times that of the U.S. average.”

Cam Edwards’ article is worth a read.  His story probably sounds as familiar to you as it does to me.  I’ve had friends mugged and raped in Chicago.  I’ve been burglarized in Chicago and New York City.  The failure of gun laws is all to real, while the benefits are theoretical.

Read it and see.


Rob the realist

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