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Some Gun Companies Refuse Government Sales

February 16, 2013

no-saleA growing list of companies won’t sell guns and parts to law enforcement agencies.  Some will only sell the gun components that civilians are allowed to have  but refuse to sell “law enforcement only” configurations.  I think this is a wonderful decision even though these are small companies.  Here are the news articles you want to read.

  • The Truth About Guns- “ has always been our policy not to sell to anyone in these areas, regardless of what law enforcement or government credentials they offer up.”
  •  The Blaze- “We refuse to recognize law enforcement exemptions on gun control…”
  • From conservative daily news-  “they will not sell their products to government agencies that support the President’s position on gun rights.”

This isn’t a new business position.  Barrett Firearms did the same thing back in 2005 when they refused to sell to California agencies after California outlawed the 50 cal rifle.  I owe all these companies a thank you message and my business.

Seen from the other perspective, I want to know which companies continue to sell to governments today.  I didn’t see Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Colt, Springfield, Remington, Beretta, Benelli and Savage on the list.  (Who did I forget?)  Since reduced capacity magazines are now required, I need to ask the magazine manufacturers like Wilson, McCormick and Magpul what they will do.  I don’t want to buy from a company who doesn’t respect my right of self-defense.  I’ll post their contact information tonight as well as what I learn in the next few weeks.

What do you think?



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  1. shane goss permalink
    February 16, 2013 4:42 pm

    please do, I personally will share the info and encourage we only buy from those companies who are ready to stand up for the people. Its in their best interest to take a stand against the gun restrictions,its their livelihood at stake really, in the end, if these laws are implemented across the board. Thanks for your work, its appreciated!



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