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The Gun Culture is a Hundred Million Wide

February 10, 2013

I was writing about the gun culture when I realized I don’t know what I’m talking about!  I’ve barely touched the surface of the gun culture and I can’t even organize all the pieces I’ve seen.  Unlike the news media, I recognize my ignorance.

 Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Culture Does  Businessweek

ANRAre guns archaic or modern objects?  We could sort the gun culture on a first come- first served basis.  The people who use a hand carved bow and arrow have the same ethic as those who use a home built AR rifle.  That is a place to start, unless you wanted to step back further and start with edged weapons.  After the black powder rockets, the first firearms were cannon, and some re-enactors collect and operate these large relics even today.  We can jump all the way forward to modern military rifles with their radically improved manufacturability and accuracy.  The air gun has grown right along with firearms.  I’m sure we covered everything in there somewhere, but where do we put a collection of arms as art?  That question is too subtle for the media to understand.

 The idolatry that is gun culture must be terminated. Huffington Post

Are guns art objects or tools?  We can segregate the gun culture and put academic interests on one end of the scale and utilitarian field use at the other.  People collect guns as objects of priceless art.  I saw the air-gun carried by Lewis and Clark as they crossed the United States.  There are historians, bless them, who collect and document ammunition and the development of arms.gun-art-2-920-10

Modern target shooters are an art in themselves.  Recent Olympic pistols had an electric trigger that was operated by the non-shooting hand.  I met a civilian long range rifle shooter who was working on targets out at a mile and more.  Beauty is as beauty does in that case.

Even re-enactors bring history alive through demonstration.  Sure, they use antique or reproduction weapons, but the key point is that they live with their guns in the field.  Hunting runs the gamut from collecting a rabbit for the pot to an African trophy for the wall.

I’m sure the media can condemn hunting for either meat or trophies.

Enough is enough. We have to get the guns and erase the toxic culture around them. Huffington Post

080816-A-0000H-002Are firearms for sport or are they a necessity?  We use firearms to keep physical skills alive.  Shooters compete for accuracy and speed.  I’ve watched black powder target competitions using antique weapons.. and seen three gun competitors using the latest custom guns.  We really should include airsoft and paintball competition in the sporting category.  Even toy guns are condemned by the media.

Rise of the Female Gun Nut  NYmagazine

There is the age-old practical problem of training the next generation of sportsmen and shooters.  Most clubs include firearms safety training for boy scouts and girl scouts.  Next to these youngsters would be the ordinary citizen who carries a concealed weapon every day with no days off.  Though they differ in age, both are part of the diverse gun culture.  This is as good a place as any to mention the gun rights advocacy organizations.WOT

We can’t forget the thousands of victims who are determined not to be victims again, so they find themselves thrust into the gun culture for reasons beyond their control.  I’ll stop here for fear of boring you.

We’ve looked at the gun culture from several angles yet I’ve barely scratched its many faceted surface.  It is too diverse to categorize neatly.  That won’t stop the news media from trying.

Instead of fixing the rot in the nation’s gun culture, the potential victim is made responsible for defending herself.  Livemint and the Wall Street Journal

I hear the media describe the gun culture as if they have it figured out and neatly mapped.  I don’t.  That bold claim by the media says more about their presumption than the media could possibly say about the gun culture.


Rob the moderate

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  1. February 10, 2013 6:45 pm

    “Instead of fixing the rot in the nation’s gun culture, the potential victim is made responsible for defending herself.”
    In an adult world, she IS responsible for defending herself. Anyone who wishes to substitute anything for the potential victim’s own choices as her own, best first line of defense is taking part in her victimization.


    • February 10, 2013 9:19 pm

      I agree with you, John. For some reason the comment section of the WSJ thinks otherwise.


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