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Support Assaulted on Kickstarter

February 8, 2013

Time is money when you are making movies, and this project has all the money they need.  Unfortunately, some is still in your pocket.  Please donate now.  The Kickstarter pledge period ends Sunday Feb 17, 2:59am EST.


California gun owners felt the usual media-whoring assault from their legislators last year.  That was when Kris Koenig started a movie project called “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire”.  Kris Koenig and Anita Ingrao recorded over 50 interviews from coast to coast as they documented the dangers of California’s crazy firearms laws.

Everything  changed with the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Because of the political and media storm that followed, Kris and Anita want to finish “Assaulted” this month!   A compressed timetable means you move people and accelerate post production.  That takes money.  I gave them some more of mine.  Kris KoenigSome of the money they need is in your pocket.  Donate here and watch their trailer.

The project was originally funded through Kickstarter.  I pledged.  They met their donation goals.  I contributed.  I even bought them drinks at a gun rights meeting.  That was before the mass murders in Colorado and Connecticut.  The way Kickstarter works is you won’t be charged unless the project meets it’s funding goals.  They only have a week so they need your help now.Anita

This is our chance to tell the story the main stream media ignores.


Rob the kickstarter


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