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You’ve Been Redistributed

February 6, 2013

I’m Sorry, but You’ve Been Redistributed.

We have video tape of Barack Obama saying he believes in redistributing the wealth and here.  Well, I’ve been there at least four times, and it is rotten.  I was part of the labor force redistributed from California to Illinois when there were no jobs in my small town.  I was redistributed across California as jobs came and went.

Now, I see environmental regulation redistribute jobs from the country to the city.  That redistributed my cousin’s job.  I guess that is OK.  After all, we have to support those large corrupt and decaying big cities somehow.  Besides, the rich green political donors don’t want any neighbors near their county homes.  Yeah, getting rid of mining, timber, farming and ranching helps keep the working people out of sight from your vacation spots.

Environmental regulation also redistributed those heavy industrial jobs to other countries.  We wouldn’t want a power plant to blight our acres of empty and abandoned lots in California now would we.  We’re all supposed to have green and low energy high-tech jobs.. someplace.  Maybe in Texas or India.  This is an industrial policy that supports candle makers in Berkeley, and solar panel manufacturers in China.

Regulation redistributed lots of startup companies and the jobs they create.  Again, I understand.  We have to support our large unionized firms.  These old firms sure don’t want the competition of lean new companies nipping at their heels.  I get it.  Why should a well connected firm compete when instead it can help politicians regulate the competition.  I also understand that India is becoming  the next center for small startup firms.fired-pink-slip-200

I’ve had a number of jobs.  Sometimes you leave a good job for a better one.  If you work startups, then more often than not you get terminated as the company closes.  That is what it means when the economy “redistributes” assets from one industry to another, from one region to another.  You sell your home and move to a new town, a new state, and these days, maybe to a new country to find work.

Me, I’m against redistribution and am pro-choice when it comes to employment.  I want many employers trying to hire employees.  That is the way up the economic ladder.

No, I wasn’t fired recently.  I’m simply grateful for my employer and sympathetic for the many who are struggling to find better jobs.


Rob the capitalist

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