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What the Constitution Does

January 26, 2013

What does the US Constitution do?  It prescribes a particular division of power between the People, the States, and the Federal Government.  Of course there is an ongoing contest for power between these factions.  The Second Amendment was written so ultimate power would be in the hands of, and remain with, the People rather than with a branch of Government. (1)

Now examine the recent proposals to disarm honest US citizens.  Note how these civilian gun ban proposals will permanently change how power is proportioned.  I find that perspective insightful and painfully revealing given that government grows larger every year yet cannot fulfill its existing obligations.  Maybe our recent history of broken promises from our government is why I’m so skeptical today.  Tyranny is worse than an informed and involved body of citizens who cannot be overpowered by their government. 

Leave power with the People.agp2

(1) Hat tip to Bill Whittle speaking at the Ramona California Tea Party.


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