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Disruptive Thinkers and Thorium Power

January 25, 2013

I told a group of young men and women about Thorium reactors.  Their group is called Disruptive Thinkers.  They had an even mix of business and military backgrounds, at least for my talk.  I reworked the material to focus on costs and innovation of Thorium Power rather than technical or humanitarian topics.

They asked probing questions.  Their greatest skepticism focused on the fact we’d actually operated this type of nuclear power plant and then walked away from it.  My answers did not meet their expectations.  I found them a fascinating audience and will go to their other talks.

If you’re interested, there is a national conference on Thorium energy in late May.  See you in Chicago.

Click on the image for this PowerPoint presentation on Thorium.

LFTR econ 2013 Ver2

LFTR econ

Economic Factors of LFTR

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