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NRA Membership Grows by 5.9 Percent in 30 Days

January 15, 2013

You should join the National Rifle Association if you support the right of civilian self-defense.  A quarter million people did so last month for obvious reasons.(1)  The 5.9 percent growth in membership is good news.  The bad news is that only one out of 20 gun owners in the US are NRA members, so shame on many of you.  There are many worthwhile organizations to join if you support self-defense and gun safety, but you should start with the NRA and expand from there.

(1) If you’ve been on a submarine deployment for the last few months, then you have not heard the  politicians and media worshiping the virtue of being defenseless.  Just another service we provide.  Welcome back, sailor, and thank you for your service.US_Navy_100226-N-0000X-001_A_tug_boat_comes_alongside_the_Los_Angeles-class_attack_submarine_USS_Houston_(SSN_713)_as_she_arrives_in_Subic_Bay,_Philippines



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  1. January 15, 2013 9:57 pm

    I have been an NRA member many times. I am not presently for reasons of conscience. The NRA does better at claiming to represent gun owners than actually representing them. Likewise, it does a better job of claiming to defend the second amendment than of actually defending it. Too often it sides against gun owners allegedly for pragmatic reasons—Too many examples in too many states, as well as nationally.


  2. January 17, 2013 8:30 pm

    So what gun groups do you support with your money, time and effort, David?


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