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Firearms and the Media Mix of Sex and Violence

January 13, 2013

media politics

Politicians and the news media have two things in common; both will lose their jobs if we ignore them.  They both know there are two things we can’t ignore; we pay attention to sex and violence.  The reason is simple.  Sex and violence have a very basic survival value.  I can’t shake that thought when I see a television announcer interview a frenzied politician about the evils of guns.  I contrast their drama with the violence we’re fed from the media. (video) We don’t want people who are terrified of guns making gun laws for the same reasons we don’t want people who are afraid of the water telling us when and how to swim.

Video Link- Media Violence

Video Link- Media Violence

The media should discuss self-defense, but I don’t hear that discussion from the big networks.  Instead, I hear the morbid fear of guns discussed the same way they discuss a car chase or a movie star’s latest trip into rehab.  I’d like us to move past that.  I’m tired of their scenes of angst and outrage designed for the short attention span viewer.  I’m tired of the same worn canards about how the world will end if Aunt Suzie has a revolver in her night stand.

We’re told that all civilians need to be disarmed  (and here) because every red-neck gun toting idiot will shoot their neighbors after a trivial car accident.  We are told our school teachers are wise enough to educate our children, but these same teachers are not wise enough to defend students without turning the classroom into the OK corral.  We are told the streets will run red with blood.

Armed Mom

Armed Mom

Yawn.  The media predicts disaster after disaster.. that never happens.  Despite their predictable errors, the media never retract their apocalyptic predictions.  In fact, we see violent crime fall when we allow honest citizens to protect themselves.  We shouldn’t be surprised.  Our friends and neighbors are the same reasonable people they have always been.  The only difference now is that our neighbors are a little safer because they can defend themselves.  We are all a little safer.

Please keep this in mind when you hear the crazed politicians and the breathless news announcer talk about guns.  We don’t want people who are terrified of guns making gun laws for the same reasons we don’t want people who are afraid of the water teaching us to swim (while they have their own lifeguard.. er bodyguard for life.)  Once you listen to these scared people, you’ll hear they don’t make sense. (video)

We have never reduced violent crime by making honest people helpless.


Daily Drama

Video Link- Piers Morgan Gun Control Drama




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