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Is That a Handout or a Hand Up?

January 11, 2013

I think I finally understand how the whole tax and regulatory scheme is supposed to work in the Obama years.  Aid to the poor, and aid to anyone for that matter, is about building greater dependency.  Some people take aid from the government, but once they start, few stop taking it.  All a politician has to do is provide more aid if he wants to make government bigger.  Dependency will follow.  Votes will follow dependency.  The cycle perpetuates itself until you run out of other people’s money to spend.  The cycle starts with aid, so the politician gets to claim he is helping the poor as he buys votes.  If you think this hurts the poor, then “you are a racist.”


three days to anarchy..

The Obama plan says taxes are too low as long as there are any rich people.  After all, the rich are so difficult to control.   The administration wants to get rid of all of the rich people except for a few who behave badly.  The administration can use the remaining rich people as scapegoats so the poor citizens have someone to envy and the politician has someone to blame for the unbelievably large government debt.

And regulation… The politician can surely satisfy one more special interest by adding more regulations.  The politician also adds more regulators as long as there is a single company left in business somewhere.  From the politicians point of view, the economy needs more regulation as long as there is someone earning their own money.  The politician will leave a few corrupt firms to pay bribes.

Many citizens will already be dependent on government handouts.  Even the few industrious people left will have to turn to the state once most of the jobs and companies are gone.  There will not be any entrepreneurs left as models, at least not in the US.

Only those who worship the politicians will thrive, yet the politician need not control all of us to have his way.  He only needs a slim majority and the media.  Where have I seen that before?  Yes, the Chicago model has now spread to the entire US.

Today I would be a skeptic were it not for those who love liberty.


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  1. January 11, 2013 7:42 am

    Love the cartoon!



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