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An Ammunition Fantasy that Only a Politician Could Love

January 10, 2013

9 mm bulk

drug volume

drug bust

We manufacture and sell about 12 billion bullets each year in the US.  Some politicians have the fantasy we will regulate and monitor every one of them.  That way we can keep every cartridge away from the crazy people and the criminals.  Think about that for a minute.  We can’t stop thousands of tons of drugs and millions of illegals from moving across our country, yet we will be safe because we accurately monitor every bullet. 

Yes, laws can make it harder to get  ammunition.  That won’t decrease violence.  More laws certainly will not stop criminals from having ammunition if drug laws have not stopped drug users from getting drugs.  Laws only restrain the law abiding citizens and law abiding citizens were never the problem.  We see violent crime go up when honest people are disarmed.

Thinking that the same thing won’t happen again..  now THAT IS CRAZY, but being crazy never stopped politicians before.



An ammunition prohibition misses the point of firearms.  Of course we hate it when crazy people kill.  No one argues that.  Disarming honest people will be cold comfort as more and more of us can not defend those we love.  I’m sorry, but you don’t make honest people safe by disarming honest people.  Never have.  Never will.

Please ask yourself why the politicians propose policies they know will fail!


Rob, the sane

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