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Regulation Isn’t to Protect the Environment

January 3, 2013


My friend helped set up a new factory in Mexico.  He also watched his company close their manufacturing facilities in the United States.  The reason for the move was simple, he said.

“They have very similar regulations in both countries.  Both in Mexico and in the US, the regulations contradict each other.  The laws were set up by different agencies for different industries.  The industries have different processes, and there are different problems in different local areas.  The real difference is that in Mexico you work with the regulators to figure out which set of regulations apply to your plant and then you agree ahead of time to build the plant and follow those set of regulations.  That isn’t how it works in the US.

“In the US, you will be cited and fined for all of the conflicting regulations that it is impossible to follow.  As a manufacturer, your only choice is which particular regulation you will follow and then which regulations you will have to pay fines for breaking.

“That is why we moved our company from California to Mexico.  The regulations were never about saving the natural environment, only the political environment.”

My friend’s story explains a lot of what I see companies close in the US.  It also worries me.  You see, the company I work for has this new plant down in Mexico…

What have you seen? example 1. and a source 1.

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