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They Call Them Assault Weapons

December 29, 2012

The news media and anti-gun politicians call them assault weapons.  It’s true, there is a narrow range of firearms that are actually called assault rifles.  They are not the same weapons the media and politicians are talking about.  Not even close.BlackRifles004f

Assault weapon.  This media-political term can now apply to any firearm.  It include any gun that scares a viewer or voter.  They pour all the scary sounding terms into one bucket and call them all “military assault weapons”.  It doesn’t matter that the military would never want these civilian firearms.  It doesn’t matter that they are describing a contradiction.

They are called a fast firing/ high power/ lightweight rifle, even though that is a direct contradiction.  Their contradictions don’t matter to the media because their words are not aimed at your mind.  Their words are aimed at your heart.

I could explain the technical operational requirements of an assault rifle, but I want you to understand the manipulative operating system of this media weapon.  Their propaganda weapon is fear; a media-fed, continuously firing and fully automatic fear.  This weapon isn’t made from steel and gunpowder and lead.  It isn’t even about mentally unstable men and women with firearms.  Their assault weapon is fear, a magnum fear, a high capacity fear, a military assault fear.

This media assault weapon is aimed directly at your emotions because fear holds your eyes on the television.  At the same time, the media asks you to ignore the way they turn a murderer into a celebrity.

Fear compels your unquestioning political support while the politician proposes the same gun prohibitions that failed so miserably in the past.  For some magic reason, this time the results will be different.

Truth is the antidote to fear.  It is truly a tragedy that some crazy people hurt others.  It is true that some crazy people have their madness fueled by violent images.  The rest of us are supposed to be manipulated by our fear and join the crazy people in their madness.  Based on our fear, we are supposed to disarm 80 million honest citizens.  Based on our fear, we are told to trust politicians with our lives.

We are supposed to believe that some new gun prohibition will make us safe.. just like the failed war on drugs and failed prohibition against alcohol.  We are supposed to disarm and let the police take care of us.. the same way the police take care of the people in our big cities.  Time and again, we are told that the solution to our fear is a more powerful government.

The media will always fuel your fear.  The politician will always promise you safety in exchange for freedom.  That is their assault weapon.  It is a dangerous weapon and lives are at stake.  Defend yourself and your freedom with the antidote to fear.  Learn the facts and see the lies.  Now and always.



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