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Stupid is Expensive- Cinemark Theater Aurora Coloarado

December 29, 2012

I read that the Cinemark theater in Aurora, Colorado will reopen  on January 17th.  This is the theater where an insane gunman killed 12 people and injured 58 others during the batman movie.  The Cinemark theater is owned by Cinemark Holdings.  I wrote about the many ways the Cinemark management put their patrons at risk.


Best Seats at Cinemark Theaters

Best Seats at Cinemark Theaters

The theater will have been closed for 6 months and I have mixed feelings about it reopening.  The management will continue to leave their patrons at risk unless they change their policies and procedures.  That argues for them to shut down this theater and the rest of their chain where they maintain ineffective gun-free zones hunting preserves for crazy people.  I can also argue that they should open the theater as soon as possible.  I want them flush with cash so they can pay the legal claims of contributory negligence (and here).

Stupid is suppose to be expen$ive .  I’m torn by the cost in lives.  I should make a heading for natural consequences, but almost all the posts would fall into it.



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