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The Drip of Propaganda Against Self-Defense

December 14, 2012

I don’t like propaganda against self-defense.  Most of it is led by the news media, and I’m tired of being lead around by my emotions.  I’m tired of being lied to.  I’m tired of being fed a steady drip of violent emotional tragedies.  If someone already favors gun prohibition, then these examples confirm their anti-gun beliefs.

  • A teenager commits suicide with a stolen gun, and the grieving parents says that all guns should be kept in locked vaults. 
  • An innocent child is shot during a drive-by shooting and the grieving parent asks the state to outlaw civilian firearms.
  • A young woman is shot by a teenager and the grieving parents ask the state to license ammunition.
  • A crazy young man shoots at his school and the grieving parents want to take the guns away from everyone.

There is another part to the story, and the real tragedy is that the other story is usually ignored.  The media certainly won’t do it.  First, I understand the victim’s pain.  I understand that survivors are consumed by their grief.  I know that statistics about justified self-defense don’t matter if you’re in love with the victim.  Not then.  Not at that moment.  I also understand how self serving the news media is when they focus on the victim’s loss.

  • The grieving parent forgets about the rape victim who was denied a gun to protect herself.
  • The media ignores the domestic abuse victim who was later killed because she was denied a firearms permit by her sheriff.
  • They forget about the young immigrant who is shot in his convenience store late at night because he was not allowed to defend himself with a firearm.
  • They ignore the old couple who are afraid to go out at night because of crime in their area.  They are afraid even in their home because they have been burglarized in the past.

I don’t expect the victim to make good judgements while they grieve.  How can they when their world has been shattered.  I would do no better.  The rest of us don’t make good judgements at that moment either.  We too are riveted by the victim’s pain.

The media wants our attention so badly that they will eagerly sell us any story that bleeds.  I’m asking you for something more.  Of course we  feel for the victims.  Please don’t forget the other victims who never make the evening news.  Remembering their story of self-defense is our job.


Rob of the long memory


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