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Passion Plays and High Tech

December 11, 2012


By John Lang

Back in medieval days
Cathedrals once held passion plays
Since peasants couldn’t read, but only look.
That’s how they learned the lessons
In the bible’s many sessions,
For few people could afford a hand-penned book.

Technology’s new printing press
Soon made books cost a whole lot less
And people started reading far and wide;
Soon words were found on bonds and stocks,
And on your breakfast cereal box,
Where many kids’ first words were ‘Free Inside!’

Our stories now are mostly seen
on TVs or the movie screen
And reading books scares strong stout-hearted men.
Technology is paving ways
To lead us back to passion plays,
And might just send us further back again.


I wonder about advanced technology in a world where we relentlessly pursue our amusement.  Who will take time to think?  Today, I had time to think but have no time to write.


Rob the Reader

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