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If You Watch too much Television

December 7, 2012

“Please turn it off,” I said.

Then they asked, “Why.”

If you watch a lot of popular television;

why then you think most of us don’t work hard to earn a living

You think the rest of us are rich.. somehow, without years of sweat and effort, because that is all you see.

You don’t know other rich people who worked their asses off for year after year.  You don’t see them, so they don’t exist.

You think most of us don’t go to church

You think most of us don’t get married and stay married

You think you don’t have to sweat and hurt and look ugly several times a week simply to stay healthy

You watch people do things on TV and your computer that you would never let a stranger do in your own home.

You confuse emotion with commitment.  You confuse passion with self-indulgence and emotional volatility.. because that sells, and you’re being sold.

I thought back for a minute and a silent image came to mind.  I remembered a new dad holding his newborn.  He is silent.  He is committed and filled to overflowing with passion.  It is an awesome image, but makes for bad TV.  Quick, cut to the car chase.

You confuse action with change, emotion with importance.  Some very important things are still and silent.

You worship beauty and confuse outward appearance with truth.

The truth is, you really are too beautiful inside to watch TV.

Turn off the music.  If you listen to a lot of popular music;

then you think being in a relationship with someone else is the most important thing in the world.

You think love is overwhelming.

You think love comes and goes in two and a half minutes.

You’d rather listen to music than make it.

Few popular songs are about your relationship with yourself and your relationship with god.

If you watch the news then you probably believe what they tell you.. and that is sad.  You really are too smart than that.

You are probably confused if your life is filled by popular entertainment.  You think you have a relationship with entertainers who don’t know you.  You have become a consumer of images rather than being busy living your life.  Every minute you spend being entertained is a minute you are not studying, learning, exercising or giving to others.  You are passive and unengaged.  You did not invest in your life.  You’ve made yourself shallow if you spend much time with popular entertainment.  How will you grow up and save the world if you spend your time watching and listening to that stuff?

Think about it, and then tell me again how much you get from TV and popular music.



Rob, who remembers how to read and sing.

Please rate, share and comment.. or your TV will only show old black and white programs and your iPod will only play country music. 😉

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