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Wasted Money on Public Schools

December 5, 2012

I saw this graph on a blog page and thought it was a great graphic that explains the problem in public education.  This one graph tells you so much about our broken politics.  The average citizen hears that children are doing poorly in public schools and he hears the government unions plead for more money.  That strikes me as simplistic solutions for simplistic voters.

You know the painful vignette of a neglected spouse or child who seeks attention and is only offered money as a palliative.  “I’m busy, honey.  Here is some cash.  Go buy your self something.”  Real life is too close to that ugly situation.  In real life, citizens failed the next generation by not fixing the real problems in government run education.  Can you imagine the poor teacher who believes in liberty and free markets?

Education is far too important to let government run it.




Rob the inquisitor

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