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How Safe is Stored Ammunition in the Home, Office or Business?

November 29, 2012

A truck full of burning ammunition

This is a video for firefighters and first responders about the safety of sporting ammunition.  It is also for the homeowner who thought he needed a fireproof safe to store his 500 cartridges of handgun ammunition.

These guys shot at cases of ammunition with high velocity rifles.  They dropped boxes of ammunition from a crane.  They detonated it with blasting caps, crushed it and burned it.  The ammunition did not ignite and did not propagate from cartridge to cartridge in an explosion.  The rounds that did go off did not penetrate sheet rock or normal turnout gear worn to fight a fire.  Firefighters were not injured when they stood next to the burning ammunition as they fought the fire.  I’m not talking about 22 ammunition; these were shotgun shells large cartridges used for taking big game.

That is amazing and I’d have lost money on a bar-bet if you told me the truth.  Simply amazing.

A hat tip to John Richardson at No Lawyers- Only Guns and Money for the video.  Wait until they hear about this at Vista CERT.



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