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Online Videos that Entertain and Inform about Culture, Politics and Economics

November 25, 2012

I cruised the net over Thanksgiving, and these vids tickled my imagination.

The first is by Bill Whittle who asks this question.  Where is society going and where should responsible adults try to lead it?  His answer is not through politics, but through values.  Values form culture.  Culture forms politics.  Consider this;

Our society changed from an agricultural to an industrial and then to an information society.  This does NOT mean we all went from picking apples to grinding gears to writing code.  It means that these were the enabling technologies of their time.

  • Agriculture allowed us to live in one place rather than hunt and gather.  Villages provided technology to the farm and were the seat of government.
  • Industry required that we bring people with skills together.  Work is standardized and people perform a single task.  Cites are the hub of industry and government.
  • With information technology, we find and apply people with several skills and ideas from around the world.  We build customized solutions in firms that come and go to meet demand.

Our politics are stuck in the mold of late industrial-age,big city machine politicians.  Big governments produces standard solutions like the war on poverty, cargo cult economics, or investing in green energy.  These big government programs usually fail and seldom fit the individual very well.  What will information politics look like in the information age when a politician’s lie can be uncovered in a few minutes?

Here is Bill’s hour long video and then the question and answer segment.



I also found Learn  where they have fun videos on several subjects.  One is a three minute video, “Why is their corn in your coke?”, and the other is “Will higher tax rates balance the budget”

I learned something, and there is more for me to learn.  I’ve not watched all of their videos.. not yet.




There is Economic which talks about, yeah, you guessed it, economic freedom.  One short video is called “Economic freedom is 60 seconds”.

I’m a man of words, but in this day and age, I wish I were a man of videos.  I’m grateful to those who are.  Here is a bonus video by Bill Whittle about Proud Conservative Politicians.


Rob, doing what I can with what I have

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